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By being innovative, surprising, unexpecting Oilily stays one step ahead of the competition.
Being ‘different’ is the keyword.

Behind the successful Label Oilily are Willem and Marieke Olsthoorn, a Dutch couple. The company is established in 1963 in Alkmaar and the Oilily first store was opened in 1983.
Oilily was the answer to light pink and blue dominated children’s clothes designs. So in 1965 a new style was born: a trend which was successful due to the unique color combinations, striking designs, unexpected combination of materials, folkloric elements and high value.

It produced a great bunch of Oilily fans worldwide, among witch John Travolta, Madonna and Bill Cosby. They always dressed their children in Oilily clothing!

Oilily is a generational brand – ideal for females across all generations: tots, teens, young adults and adults.


Nowadays Oilily collections is a great hit in all Europe, America and Asia- it´s being sold in 45 countries all over the world. Oilily is so successful because of its large operating area.

Oilily beautyline offers:

o Cosmetics & Accessories
o Beauty Bags
o Wallets
o Handbags
o Travel bags and suitcases
o Cloths
o Scarves
o Shoes
o Watches
o Porcelain

The first Oilily fragrance was launched 20 years ago.
First kids fragrance in the market.

The fragrance Classic was launched 1989. Followed by "Spanish rose", "Essential Care" and "Papillon".

"Classic" became "Flowers” in September 2006 and changed its design: But the popular flowery aroma remains, the bottle and packaging became more modern and fresh. In the beginning of 2007 "MUSE" was launched, the first Oilily aroma for the modern, young woman and mother. "Blue Sparkle" is launched in October 2008– an new fragrance for the self-confident teenager and the young woman. In 2009 Lucky Girl was launched, the captivating new Oilily fragrance for teenage girls – has been specially formulated for teenage girls who just love wearing a fragrance that suits them down to the ground.

Oilily fragrances are very successful and requested by young girls and teenagers.

After a very successful cosmetic promotion in 2003, the idea was to launch a small bags program within the cosmetic distribution.
Today it has grown to a full bag collection:

Beauty Bags Line
Fashion Bags Woman Line
Fashion Bags Kids Line
Travel Bags Line

A seasonal print, launches twice a year in three different colours