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Terre d'Oc

Imaginative creations inspired from careful work, entirely hand-made in Villeneuve in Provence, is the real signature of the company.


We are committed to adopting an ORGANIC approach to cosmetics, complying with Ecocert conditions and exclusively offering products with the Organic Cosmetic certification to ensure the entire traceability of raw materials, natural formulas and respect for the environment. 





Created in 1995 by Valerie Roubaud and Patrick Lions,  terre d’Oc rapidly integrated homes with its home fragrance collection which has been the best seller in France and abroad for the last 10 years!


In 2003, a first range of care products was designed under the name BEAUTÉ DU MONDE which defends the ethnics of fair trade and was formulated with shea butter from Burkina Faso, green tea from Vietnam, Himalayan honey. 





Terre d'Oc has a true eco-responsible approach to preserve our planet’s natural resources and limiting the greenhouse effect.


To  accomplish this, Terre d'Oc:


  1. reduce consumption of energy and other consumable resources. 
  2. all the ingredients are supplied with the support of the NGO whose mission is to help disadvantaged populations and uphold the principles of fair trade and solidarity. 




  • Floral water : full of aromatic benefits
  • Virgin vegetable oils obtained by a cold pressing : rich in vitamins, antioxidants, polyphenols… 

  • Natural ingredients : aloe vera, plant extracts… 
  • Natural vitamin E : antioxidizing and anti- aging properties
  • Natural fragrance : essential oils with numerous properties  


We have then imagined a whole collection of natural make-up Maquillage du Monde! 


Enhance your beauty with a make-up collection inspired by Moroccan aker (typikal lipstick), India’s  kajal (khol), Malian ochre(terracotta) and the Japanese kabuki - formulated from ochre, earths from all over the world and vegetable pigments, and guaranteed totally safe. 



You can find all the Terre d'Oc products from:

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