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Aromare in media

PSùHHOLOOGIA SINULE october 2012: (Sex and the City)

MARI october 2012: (Leontine Hagoort)

EESTI NAINE september 2012: ( Oilily & Terre D' Oc)





ANNE&STIIL december 2012: (Sex and the City)


EESTI NAINE december 2012: (Sex and the City)



HOOAEG winter 2012: ( Sex and the City, Yardely London)


MARI december 2012: (Yardley London, Sex and the City, Leontine Hagoort) 


PERE JA KODU december 2012: ( Sex and the City)




MARI december 2013 ( Terre d´Oc, Oilily)