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Kubo beauty


Kubo beauty brand is established in 1971 in Casalmaggiore in Italy.

Headquarter premises are environmentally friendly oriented and sustainable energy self supplied, by means of geothermal plant, photovoltaic panels.

Kubo beauty is wordwide, it have several distributions in 12 different countries.

Kubo beauty is certified with ISO 9001:2008 !


Kubo beauty benefits

Kubo beauty make-up applicators are all handmade.
They have highest quality of natural hair selection and synthetic fibres.

Natural hair: geographic area control and accurate hair selection for face area of use.

Synthetic fibres: have own Registered synthetic fibre “Dermocura”, which are dermatologically tested and allergy free; longlasting and
easy to clean. The applicators with synthetic fibres give top performance.


o handles made of certified wood “accredited FSC-COC”
o handles made of regenerated plastic
o recyclable pack