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About Us

Aromare LLC represents exclusive cosmetic brands and perfumes in Estonia. In their product line there are brands like: Terre d'OcALPUREPerlier, Yardley London, Sex and the City, Hello Kitty, Oilily, Leontine Hagoort, La-tweez.

During the long activity period, Aromare has import into Estonia these famous brands: Elizabeth Arde, Gant, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Elizabeth Taylor, Hilary Duff, Crazy Libellule and the Poppies.

Aromare LLC belongs to a group that is called AS Silikaat Grupp.
Under a designation of SILIKAAT GRUPP operates a group of companies that belongs to an estonian owner and capital. The oldest operating business is AS Silikaat whose trademark is noted since 1910. The name “Silikaat” comes from the main product of business that is silicate stone.
At the moment in the group thera are 12 different kind of companies. Mainly they were formed in the period of 1994-2003. The named fact show estonia's post-independance fast economical growth, privatization, land- and property reform and the group company owner's active operational results on that significant period.

COMPANIES OF SILIKAAT operates on industry, agriculture, commerce, development of property and investments fields.
In 1998 SILIKAAT GRUPP AS was established in order to make function better and to cordinate all the activity, to harness the conjoint investments and oviouslty to execute monitoring probe. Silikaat Grupp AS does not operate as a typical holding enterprise.

Aromare LLC,  Pärnu mnt. 234, Tallinn 11624 Estonia
Tel. +372 6140247

 e-mail: info@aromare.ee  

Sale: Katrin.kase@aromare.ee

Storehouse: Ladu@aromare.ee